Great for Recipes

Our Nutty Bavarian Roasted Glazed Almonds compliment recipes, such as these pears topped with cheese, offering a delicate, sweet and crunchy balance for any season! Use our Roasted Glazed Pecans for that special crunch in spinach salads and cran-raisin salads too! And let's not forget about Roasted Glazed Cashews in ice cream! Hmm yummy

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The Nutty Bavarian

The Nutty Bavarian Glazed Roasted Nuts (including salted cashews) are roasted fresh while attending crafts shows, street fairs, and other events. Now you can get our four-variety cones, which include glazed almonds, cashews, pecans, and lightly salted cashews. The cones make for a great gift for that special person or occasion—or for just treating

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